Sunday, May 5, 2013

iPhone Theme 1OS


Themed Stock apps: Phone, Mail, SMS, Settings, Camera, Photos, Music, Video, Reminders, Clock, Safari, Calculator, Notes, Weather, Compass, Calendar, Voice Memos.

Auto Skin All AppStore apps, and notification icons. Comes with 2 Icon Sets. Glyphs and Picture. 

Complete UI: Includes fully themed StatusBar, Lockscreen Charging Battery, Sliders Notification Center, Folder Background, Switcher, Alert Popups, lock keypad, every piece has been touched. 

Theme has been sent to Cydia
More soon.

Addon Packages: Soon to be in Cydia

Nav theme setup.....

The way this works is you set an image for folder backgrounds.  This image is the entire size of the screen. It will give you docks to set your icons on.

You will have 4 pages *Home, Work, Settings, Music/games*

So you will need 4 folders. Set these folders in the very top left, then apply the folder icon.
Do this on each folder

To get folder icons. Add source to Cydia
Now set your icons. Each background will have text on which icon goes where.

The bottom icons are springjumps. Set them 0123

 The icons on the left "glyph icons" will be stock apps. These are apps all jailbroken device has